The Merit List [TML] is an initiative by Matter supported by Takshila Educational Society to recognise projects of critical relevance in the context of contemporary architecture of India.

The List

The Takshila Lecture on Architecture & Society



The 2020-21 cycle is closed for submissions and nominations

Thank you for your interest. The 2020-21 Merit List cycle is closed for new submissions and nominations. Incase you have a query regarding your submission, please write to us at

The Takshila Lecture on Architecture and Society

The 2021 Lecture by Prof Níall McLaughlin as delivered on 26th January, Tuesday


The transcript of the lecture is available for download here

Architectural practice today is pushed to the peripheries of society it claims to serve. After three cycles of rigorously reviewing contemporary architecture from a diverse pool of practices, The Merit List strives to bring forth pertinent discussions on critical issues to a larger audience. The Merit List Jury over the past cycles has been able to articulate some immediate and urgent concerns that the fraternity of Architects and Designers in India must confront.

The Jury (2020-21 Cycle)

Profiles of The Jury


Underpinning TML is a dire need of a serious commitment to create a culture of excellence, establish a peer-peer review and form a community of professional exchange in order to critique and celebrate consequential works of architecture in India. The TML process seeks to institute a line of inquiry that traverses typology to make place for exceptional ideas in design irrespective of typology and scale. With intent to evaluate each project in its own context and judge the merit of each against the programme it deals with, The Merit List intends to outline a set of critical discussion points as a reflection on the state of affairs in contemporary architecture.








10,001sqm and above


The Jury, while debating on the project selections for the 2018-19 Merit List, inferred that although the eleven projects in the final list represent a cross-section of quality contemporary architecture, these ‘Special Mention’ projects exemplify commendable approaches towards resolution of critical concerns that contemporary architecture must address and in their wake, raise critical issues worth discussing in the larger forum. With this intent, The Merit List attempts to articulate the core issues raised by the Special Mention projects and their relevance in the discussion on practice and pedagogy of architecture in India. The clusters chronicled here are an attempt to provoke thought and discussion on the ambition of architecture practice in India.


Exceptional Architectonics and Resolution

House of Three Streams, Malik Architecture

House of Stories, Mathew and Ghosh Architects


Carving the Urban Block for Large Civic Projects

SPA, Vijaywada – The Institute, Mobile Offices

Bihar Museum, Maki and Associates + _Opolis


Innovating in Construction

Sultanbaba Dargah, Prasanna Morey Architects

Maya Somaya Library, Sameep Padora and Associates


Eloquent Ways of Dealing with Heritage

Sree Vadakunnathan Temple Conservation, DD Architects

Udajee Early Years, Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio

Imagine Studio At The Trees, Studio Lotus + GPL Design Studio


Responding to the demands of Context and Community

Hilltop School / Bright Horizon Academy, DesignAware

The Atelier, Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Studio Advaita


Small Urban Projects with Intelligent Spatial Strategies

House S, Design Integratus

House With A Brick Veil, Studio Lotus

Atech Solutions, Studio 4A

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