Takshila Educational Society

Set up in 1997, Takshila Educational Society (TES) is driven by the vision of an India whose children are educated, environmentally conscious and in full readiness to become future leaders. To ensure that this vision becomes a reality, TES has already established four spectacularly successful Delhi Public Schools, one each at Patna (Bihar), Pune (Maharashtra), Ludhiana (Punjab) and Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu).

TES also runs an integrated rural community development initiative called Parivartan. Functional from October 2011, Parivartan has been working from its beautiful campus at Narendrapur village (Siwan, Bihar) in 36 nearby villages on various issues that include early childhood development, education, livelihood, farming practices, social and economic empowerment of women, music and theatre revival, community sports, and weaving craft revival.

Moreover, TES operates a centre for children’s literature and arts named Ektara, publishes books and magazines under the banners of Takshila Publication and Jugnoo Prakashan, and promotes engagements related to literature, visual arts, performing arts, and cinema through its unique initiative Arthshila. Arthshila brings together a host of artists and enthusiasts into the public domain by exhibitions, collaboration, debates and disscussion between community artists, professionals and youth. Every Takshila endeavour is a small tribute to the tremendous cultural richness of India.