Takshila Educational Society

Set up in 1997, Takshila Educational Society works through its liberal knowledge platforms in the fields of education, social development, children’s literature, arts and culture. It runs Delhi Public School at Patna, Pune, Ludhiana and Coimbatore which provide nurturing learning environments that provide tutelage to over 12,000 students and engagement to over 1,500 professionals as teachers, administrative and support staff. Through the four schools, Takshila fosters the innate potentials of young minds, propels environmental consciousness, inculcates appreciation for the arts and our cultural heritage, kindles the spark of service to society, and the fortitude to adapt with changing times. 

Takshila contributes to the social development sector through Parivartan, its integrated rural community development initiative. Set up at a campus in Narendrapur Village in Siwan District of Bihar, Parivartan reaches its efforts to over 21 villages in the vicinity through six verticals with focus on agricultural practices, early childhood development, educational interventions at primary to high school levels, social and economic empowerment of women, music and theatre revival, community sports, livelihood and skills development through Khadi and pottery craft revival. 

To infuse the realm of children’s literature and arts, Takshila works through its centre Ektara seated in Bhopal, which was conceived with the tri-faceted objective of creating quality literature for young readers, generating a comprehensive understanding of what good children’s literature should entail; and working as a resource and facilitation centre. Ektara publishes four much-loved magazines for young readers, named Pluto, Cycle, TES Orbit and Comixense, along with numerous books under the imprints of Jugnoo Prakashan, Mynah and Cheenti.

Takshila perpetuates the synergy of visual arts, performing arts, literature, cinema, architecture, design and crafts through its art’s collective Arthshila which operates multi-art spaces, currently functional in Ahmedabad and Santiniketan, and coming up soon in Patna and New Delhi; runs a residency art studio in rural Bihar; and publishes literature on art. To add a new dimension to its art endeavours, the Takshila Art Collection is being built to include a diverse and expanding body of artworks from the contemporary and indigenous art traditions of India. 

Takshila serves to be an expression of knowledge through the diverse and liberal learning spaces it owns and the multi-faceted initiatives it supports across the country.