Five Gardens

Five Gardens, Jaipur

Architects: Studio EightTwentyThree


The typology of exhibition pavilions has captured much imagination as architecture, in such contexts, deals with the idea of impermanence. Built as a temporary pavilion for an exhibition on spatial experiments, this scenographed space instigates a sensory response from the visitors through changing light and ambient sound. Made by a detailed assembly in cardboard angles, the designers are able to achieve structural integrity through an eloquent use of joinery. The fabric infill helps create an enclosure with an element of translucency and permeability. As the sun sets, the light within the pavilion filters out with the structure resembling a lantern in the night. Easy to dismantle, the rigorous modular grid is broken by landscape in a layered labyrinth that one can explore at will creating a unique trajectory through the space on every encounter. As a spatial experiment, the pavilion is a habitable object: a space for engagement with the senses and therefore, Five Gardens is a Commendation Project for The Merit List.

Images & Drawings: Studio EightTwentyThree