Reactions From Recipients 2017-18

Architecture Brio

Q. The TML observes a certain evaluation process to critically review projects and arrive at a ‘list’. As a finalist of The Merit List 2016-17 Cycle, what are your comments on the TML process?

It is important for the jury to discuss and deliberate versus submitting individual assessments that are later added up and winners announced. There is definitely merit to the layered down process of selection that ensures that the selection has credibility and evens out any biases of Jury members.

Q. How important do you think is TML as an initiative / peer-to-peer recognition in the context of contemporary Indian architecture?

It is always great to be part of a selection of practices whose work addresses theoretical, conceptual and relevant issues of our country today that is critiqued and assessed through a rigorous process of discussion and debate. It recognises the relevance of these areas of architectural practise which are not often rewarded on a public platform.

Q.What was your response on the width of work you saw as part of the final list of 13 projects? 

There is definitely a majority of residential projects. Perhaps to encourage diversity of entries emphasis on the nomination process can be made more apparent. Not sure how many people actually nominate other projects as entries.

Q. Do you have any critical observations that we should take into consideration while we announce the next cycle? How would you recommend that we change the process for the better?

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