The Takshila Lecture on Architecture & Society

Architectural practice today is pushed to the peripheries of society it claims to serve. After two cycles of rigorously reviewing contemporary architecture from a diverse pool of practices, The Merit List strives to bring forth pertinent discussions on critical issues to a larger audience. The Merit List Jury over the past cycles has been able to articulate some immediate and urgent concerns that the fraternity of Architects and Designers in India must confront.

The Takshila Lecture on Architecture and Society is delivered by an eminent professional / academician that addresses growing disparity between the practice and pedagogy of Architecture in India, and the realities of our social, cultural and economic contexts. The lecture and the following dialogue aims to challenge the status-quo with a conviction that an open and honest conversation on the state of practice will instigate positive change.

The first lecture was presented by Prof Neelkanth Chhaya. The lecture was followed by a conversation with Bijoy Ramachandran. View the recordings here.

The 2021 Takshila Lecture on Architecture and Society was presented by Níall McLaughlin on January 26th, 2021. View the recordings and transcript here. 

The 2022 Lecture will be delivered by Rupali Gupte in Ahmedabad on Sunday, 16th October 2023.