Cluster 03: Innovating in Construction

India’s rich and diverse landscape incubates many construction cultures that resonate with tradition, craftsmanship, material knowledge and the palette of the context in which they are located. These cultures inevitably find an expression in contemporary architecture. While some projects have an ability to innovate on existing know-how to create new forms and patterns, some projects experiment with new materials and more efficient ways of constructing. The two projects chronicled here represent the spirit of design and ability to influence and be influenced by old and new construction cultures. These buildings are able to engage with the many possibilities of innovation and making in India both – as skill and as tectonics – and therefore, these projects are cited as Special Mentions in The Merit List.
Sultanbaba Dargah, Prasanna Morey Architects
Project: Sultanbaba Dargah
Architect: Prasanna Morey Architects
Programme: Religious Structure
Location: Sultanpur
Site Area: 1000 sqm
Built-up Area: 105 sqm
Year of Commencement: 2016
Year of Completion: 2018

Maya Somaiya Library, Sameep Padora and Associates
Project: Maya Somaiya Library
Architect: Sameep Padora and Associates
Location: Kopergaon
Site Area: 3 acres
Total Floor Area: 5750 sqft
Year of Commencement: 2014
Year of Completion: 2018