Cluster 02: Carving the Urban Block for Large Civic Projects

Since economic liberalisation, the state has largely absolved from being a patron to quality civic projects. With large quantum of finance being deployed for infrastructure across the country, one can observe many public projects of the likes of airports, metro stations, urban plazas and riverfronts being executed without quality design thinking. The two projects documented here are designed as sizable urban blocks, built with the government as the client. One can observe quality spatial and material thinking with an attempt to produce architecture of value. Going beyond the functional obligations, these projects exemplify the ability of contemporary architects to enhance the potential of the site and the programme and therefore, these projects are cited as Special Mentions in The Merit List.
SPA, Vijaywada - The Institute, Mobile Offices
Project: SPA Vijaywada - The Institute
Architect: MO-OF/Mobile Offices
Programme: Educational Institution
Location: Vijayawada
Site Area: 7 Acres
Built-up area: 28,159.39 sqm
Year of Commencement: 2014
Year of Completion: 2018

Bihar Museum, Maki and Associates + _Opolis
Project: Bihar Museum
Architect: Maki and Associates (Tokyo) in association with _Opolis (Mumbai)
Programme: Museum
Location: Patna
Site Area: 53,480 sqm
Built-up Area: 25,410 sqm
Year of Commencement: 2013
Year of Completion: 2017