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The Takshila Lecture on Architecture and Society

The 2021 Lecture by Prof Níall McLaughlin as delivered on 26th January, Tuesday


The transcript of the lecture is available for download here

Architectural practice today is pushed to the peripheries of society it claims to serve. After three cycles of rigorously reviewing contemporary architecture from a diverse pool of practices, The Merit List strives to bring forth pertinent discussions on critical issues to a larger audience. The Merit List Jury over the past cycles has been able to articulate some immediate and urgent concerns that the fraternity of Architects and Designers in India must confront.

The Merit List [TML] is an initiative by Matter supported by Takshila Educational Society to recognise projects of critical relevance in the context of contemporary architecture of India.

The List

The Takshila Lecture on Architecture & Society




The TML process seeks to institute a line of inquiry that traverses typology to make place for exceptional ideas in design irrespective of typology and scale. With intent to evaluate each project in its own context and judge the merit of each against the programme it deals with, The Merit List intends to outline a set of critical discussion points as a reflection on the state of affairs in contemporary architecture.