IIM-B New Classroom Complex

IIM-B New Classroom Complex, Bengaluru
Architect: Mindspace

Citation Note:

Located in immediate proximity of the iconic Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru, this building is designed as a supplementary space to the existing campus. Flanking a green corridor designed originally by Balkrishna Doshi, the structure has a silent presence and is respectful of its environment.

There are two core aspects of the effectiveness of the building: apart from serving its functional demand, the architecture is made with high spatial and material clarity. The staircase that leads to a podium space connects the corridor to a plaza and becomes a transition – a connection and a handshake with the old. The volumes have projecting cubes and the perforated ceiling allows soft light to wash concrete walls. The concrete is placed in close proximity to the old granite walls and yet, refrains from dominating the palette.

The design presents great maturity wherein the new neither overpowers nor submits. It assumes a quiet, dignified presence. There is a clear change of experience as one moves from the old to the new and back to the old campus. The spatial experience of the place is memorable and calm.

Many iconic modernist buildings that have been built in post-independent India are undergoing change. This intervention by Mindspace creates an ideal framework for this change to happen. While fulfilling its structural and functional obligations, the new block is mindful of its stature. The architects have exercised maturity and restraint and therefore, this project is a citation project in The Merit List.

Photographs by PHX India