Attic Lab

Attic Lab, Malappuram, Kerala
Architect: Attic Lab

Citation Note:

This small project doubles up as a workspace and a living unit. Located amongst the green foliage of a residential yard, the Attic Lab represents the potential of a small project designed with intelligent use of space and material. Geometrically designed within a A-frame, the structure becomes the skin and envelope for the space within. The critical section helps the architects to work out a fine interior volume that works ergonomically for comfort and delight.

The structure occupies a small footprint. Within this area, it accommodates a pause space at the entrance, workspace and spaces for discussion, spaces to rest and a tiny mezzanine that tucks in a bed. A set of steps connects these two spaces and acts as an organiser of functions in the plan.

The idea of economy of space is extended to the economy in material. A set of skilful details is employed for the finish and surface articulations: a zinc-aluminium roofing sheet used above the terracotta unfertile for durability and comfort. Through the choice of materials and detail, the architects ensure that the otherwise industrial structure is warm and intimate.

Taking advantage of the tropical landscape in which, the house sits, the design responds to the immediate natural environment by employing a structural system that reconciles quickly with the green. The designed lighting and fenestrations ensure comfortable light within the structure. There is a sense of graphic composition in the organisation of interior space.

For quick, efficient, small and yet humane buildings, the Attic Lab serves as a model and a prototype. Designed with care and executed with due attention to detail, the project is an example of adept spatial and material thinking and effective design acumen that contributes to a beautiful place and therefore, this project is a citation project in The Merit List.

Photographs by Prasanth Mohan