Public Architecture?

Has the profession completely abdicated itself of its civic responsibility?


The business of architecture has completely abdicated itself from its civic responsibility. The profession has almost no standing in the city and rarely, are we in the mood to come back to the table. Most of it happens in isolation.

The projects inform the practice. What informs the projects? What do they bring to architecture of the people?

The gradual shift of architecture from its public face of space-making to a private entrepreneurship with finding individual vocabularies and defining it is in the reckoning. An erstwhile ideological concern, now dichotomous, it attempts through discourses to devote ample opportunities on theorising, interpreting, questioning aspects to serve common interests, needs and typologies of civic value. In means, the interventions are self-contained.

‘Why is it no longer an operative model?’ Is there no belief? or conviction? Does architecture lack ambition or incentive, in this age of ideas?

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