The Challenge of the Programme

In projects which have few limitations and constraints, what does the architecture set out to achieve?


What are the current challenges that the architecture of India faces within the constraints granted by the client and the immediate and broader context?

Does our line of inquiry traverse beyond the known boundaries of a project? Spaces, which either-or at an individual level – can be enabled to carve out meaning at a personal level and submit to larger concerns of the society. The idea is to engage with the built environment – not as an artefact or a temporal resolution but play a role in the dynamic of the fabric of the living, the movement and the built.

“It is not just important to do something interesting but to actually pull it together so that there is a refined solution, a restrained solution, an appropriate solution”-Prem Chandavarkar

In a greenfield, or a brownfield project, who sets the ambition? And within self-limiting considerations, direct it to excellence.

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