Shri Khimji Ramdas Kanya Vidhyalay Science Building

Shri Khimji Ramdas Kanya Vidhyalay Science Building, Mandvi
Architects: SPASM


Across fast-developing tier-three towns in India, architecture is an aspirational idea: an instrument for capturing the abstract notions of progress and modernity. Institutional architecture, if imagined and designed with rigour, can represent objects of much pride for the patrons and users. Designed to house educational laboratories and supporting functions, this building utilises the strong and pragmatic steel structural grid with an infill of panels that allow breeze to pass through the internal spaces. The structure and the infill become the two minimal graphic elements of the identity of the built space: an expression of a deliberate contrast with the context. Finely detailed, the spatial and material articulations render a sense of quality and resilience to the structure while the choice of the two dominant colours enables the design to have a strong visual presence. This project demonstrates the significance of quality contemporary architecture and the impact it can have on its immediate contexts, and therefore, the Shri Khimji Ramdas Kanya Vidhyalay Science Building by SPASM is a Commendation Project for The Merit List.

Images & Drawings: courtesy SPASM