POD, Bengaluru
Designer: B L Manjunath


Parasitic in nature, this compact spatial construct devised in a steel frame explores and exploits the ‘in-between’ space in a typical urban setting: the mandatory setback. Designed as an ergonomically complex and yet; seemingly comfortable space, the POD postulates an adaptive strategy wherein the guest unit latches onto and utilises the services of the host-building. The resultant unit leans on the host structurally as well as for services. Planned to be light and nimble, the space is articulated with an interesting set of materials. The transparent grid-floor enables the unit to be divided physically without breaking internal visual connections. This simple, well-executed idea has a potential to find habitable place in the urban in-between and represents a typology that intelligently subverts building bye-laws without crossing over. While the idea can be further refined, the thought process can lead to a unique, modular, and perhaps, a mass-produced urban housing in our dense cities and therefore, the POD by BL Manjunath is a Commendation Project for The Merit List.

Images & Drawings: courtesy B L Manjunath