Mallya Aditi International School Poolhouse: mayaPraxis

Mallya Aditi International School Poolhouse, Bengaluru
Architect: mayaPraxis

Citation Note:

The Poolhouse is a rational shed that accommodates an institutional swimming pool wherein the design of the structural system befits the expression of architecture. As a sports facility, the architecture takes into account basic and functional aspects of swimming in a well-lit, well-ventilated and protected environment.

Designed as a single fluid roof with inclined walls, the shape of the roof is derivative from the angles of the solar panels that heat the pool. Graceful in its structural expression, the trusses and the split-concrete columns that support the organic truss-frames allow a continuous sliver of light to brighten the space within. The materials are used in their honest functional expression and the detail – in architecture and structure – allows for a sophisticated spatial setting.

By using fine-mesh in place of glass, the architects ensure that the light steel structure is consistently ventilated. The exciting steel frame against the astuteness of concrete lends character to the building and the presence of the structure in the context of the institution is established without effort. The gently sloping walls help reduce projections and the heights of the walls maintain privacy for the swimmers.

Small sports facilities are critical to an institutional programme. The approach of the architects to express their intent – both visual and functional – through the rationality and elegance of the structure lends this building its specific industrial aesthetic. Designed to include only the essential elements and designed with an expressive and elegant detailing and therefore, Mallya Aditi International School Poolhouse by mayaPRAXIS is a Citation project in The Merit List.