G House


G House, Hyderabad
Architect: Kiron Cheerla Architecture

Citation Note:

This small residence by Kiron Cheerla Architecture in Hyderabad on a very restricted site presents no trace of the many constraints an urban house is generally designed within. Rather, with no reliance on the quality of its urban environ and no opportunity to use the site as a setting, the house finds its core in a very imaginative section. The architect identifies this singular opportunity and creates a completely contained space.

As two internal courts compose a rich and naturally lit interior of the house, the usable spaces congregate simply around these voids creating a zen-like environment. This architecture looks within for its potential and breaks the box to generate wonderful opportunities of creating many occasions of discovery for the inhabitants.

The dark material palette composed by steel, kudappah floors and wood was specified by the clients and is visually heavy. It perhaps helps in negotiating the intensity of the Hyderabad sun. The house also makes space for a collection of artifacts and heirlooms that belong to the clients and will move in with them.

The plan of the residence displays a connection between rooms internally and the plants that will occupy the court eventually will render relief to the bedrooms that flank the courts. The creative section completes a simple and controlled plan. The façade of the house is an honest expression of this introvert character and does not conceal / alter the idea in any form.

The compact urban house is a common type in peripheries of the dense Indian metropolis. This house carves a complex space out of a very limited urban site by using basic architectural devices – the plan and the section – in a considerate way to completely root itself in the design of its internal space and therefore, G House by Kiron Cheerla Architecture in Hyderabad is a Citation project in The Merit List.



Architect: Kiron Cheerla Architecture
Project Design Team:  Kiron Cheerla, Rajesh Balireddy, Srinivas Andra, Bharath Musunuri, Raj Kumar, Jaya Prakash
Site Area:  292 sqm
Built-up Area: 619  sqm
Client:  G.L. Rao
Structural Consultants:  Sri Harsha Consulting Engineers(P) Ltd.
Carpentry: Dev Karn, Radhe Shyam
Contractor: Owner
Year of Commencement-Completion: 2012-2015
Photographs: Suresh Sheri, Kiron Cheerla