Garden Folly


Garden Folly, Bengaluru
Architect: CollectiveProject

Commendation Note:

On a tiny site in Bengaluru, the Garden Folly by CollectiveProject is an example in the effectiveness of architecture irrespective of scale. Designed in an urban setback, the pavilion is composed of a seat, a platform, a box and foliage to generate an elegant refuge in a landscape.

In a very challenging site, the seamless continuity of the wall, the seat and the floor of the box poses against the granite and the concrete steps. The greenery interrupts the starkness of the architectural geometry and the plants shade the path. The composite glass + steel + timber roof allows controlled light to permeate.

There is a theatrical sequence of the experience of the space as it lends itself effortlessly to habitation and enjoyment. The design of the landscape and the pavilion uses scale to its advantage and emphasises on detail as a prime contributor to the character. As the nature around will change with time and season, the pavilion will serve as a stage to observe and appreciate this change.

A setback is an omnipresent space in our cities. This small project is a study in the capacity of architecture to catalyse a transformation at any scale and exemplifies its versatility in dealing with the simplest of ideas with eloquence, and therefore, Garden Folly by CollectiveProject is a Commendation project for The Merit List.



Architect: CollectiveProject
Project Design Team:  Cyrus Patell, Eliza Higgins
Site Area:  70 sqm
Built-up Area: 10sqm
Client:  Vivek Shah
Landscape: CollectiveProject
Year of Commencement-Completion: 2013-2014
Photographs: Tina Nandi Stephens