Discovery Centre


Discovery Centre, Bengaluru
Architect: Architecture Discipline

Commendation Note:

The town hall/site office project in Bengaluru by Architecture Discipline takes on a contemporary typology and makes a powerful statement through sophisticated use of spatial composition and material control. Light and translucent, the structure employs industrial materials – glass, steel, punched-metal, fabric and board and uses refined detailing to bring them together in a cohesive whole.

A red egg-shaped audiovisual space complements the stark, minimal steel enclosure creating sculptural variety and a strong visual composition. The architecture of the project exhibits great command in its use of scale so that the resultant composition neither overwhelms nor fatigues the eye.

The light industrial box sits on a podium against a soft landscape with grass thus humanizing the factory palette. The access to views of landscape from within brings visual relief to a stark interior. This building is intended to be used as a community space and makes space for its eventual re-interpretation.

Almost ephemeral, this project uses a trained eye and a controlled hand of the architect to re-examine a new typology that draws from graphic composition of spaces and quality detailing and therefore, it is a Commendation project for The Merit List.


Architect: Akshat Bhatt/Architecture Discipline
Project Design Team: Aditya Tognatta, Nishant Malhotra, Nidhi Khosla
Site Area: 5 Acres
Built-up Area: 37,000 sqft
Client: Bhartiya Urban
Structural Consultants: Isha Consultants Pvt Ltd
HVAC Consultants: Gupta Consultants & Associates
Plumbing: Deepak Kumar & Associates
Electrical: Lirio Lopez: Linus Lopez
Landscape: BDP London: Chris Stanton
Year of Commencement-Completion: 2012-2013
Photographs: Jeetin Sharma