Cubix Office


Cubix Office, New Delhi
Architect: Spaces Architects@ka

Commendation Note:

This design of interior space for a developers’ office by Spaces Architects@ka in New Delhi is a study in meticulous and exhaustive translation of an idea into space. The selection of materials, treatment of surfaces, graphics, spatial order and objects in the space represent a rigorous pursuit for an idea that does not dilute in translation.

The architect has detailed the project with extreme passion making drawings that represent the sketch and the idea and lines that move seamlessly from the drawing to the space. While the aesthetics of the project are graphically strong, the spaces serve as ‘pavilions’ or ‘exhibits’ for the developer to showcase projects and host prospective clients. Although the project is striking at the beginning, there is a question of its validity if inhabited for a long time.

The fluid forms and homogeneous materials are joined by continuous lines that flow from the floor to the wall and the ceiling. Being an interior design project, the architect is able to carry an idea through the entire space and push the execution constraints to serve the design intent.

For its rigour of design and execution and for its commitment to the idea, the Cubix Office in Delhi by Spaces Architects@ka is a Commendation project in The Merit List.



Architect: Spaces Architects@ka
Project Design Team: Kapil Aggarwal, Karan Arora , Pavan Sharma
Area:  1200sqft
Client:  Cubix Homes Pvt Ltd
Year of Commencement-Completion: 2013
Photographs: Bharat Aggarwal