Reactions from the Recipients: Points of Note

buy Quetiapine canada   Architecture BRIO It is critical to have a platform for reviewing works if architecture amongst peers. There are numerous awards and lists that have recently been established but most of them are ways to engage architects as part of a large sponsors marketing program. While they do have value in selecting the best works produced in that year and […]

Superhouse Syndrome

cytotec no script Has the large weekend home taken over our studios? Abstract The manipulation of Scale in architecture extends as a visual compass to our understanding of movement, places and people and their relationships. Scale embeds itself now in a growing trend that secedes from the humaneness of a habitat and a desire to experience intimate boundaries to an architecture that plays into the aesthetics of […]

The Challenge of the Programme

In projects which have few limitations and constraints, what does the architecture set out to achieve? Abstract What are the current challenges that the architecture of India faces within the constraints granted by the client and the immediate and broader context? Does our line of inquiry traverse beyond the known boundaries of a project? Spaces, which either-or at an individual level – can be enabled […]