Samira Rathod, SRDA

try this out can i buy amoxil over the counter TML. As a member of the Jury, what do you think is the significance of a process or recognition that The Merit List represents? SR: First of all, I think that the entire idea of creating The Merit List is much more important than giving out awards and ranking projects as 1st 2nd and 3rd. It is important to actually […]

Prem Chandvarkar, CnT Architects

TML. When you were confronted with 200 entries, what were your first reactions? What did you anticipate as a jury member from the process? PC: I was looking at the projects to see the level of discernment of Design in each. It is not just important to do something interesting but to actually pull it together so that there is […]

Mahesh Radhakrishnan, MOAD

TML. As a jury member, what do you think of the process of The Merit List? What was your initial reaction the idea? MR: The fact that it is not an award with specific categories was, I thought, exciting. I think it is important that TML is a list of projects which has to be discussed purely on the basis of […]

Sankalp Meshram

TML. As a member of the Jury, what do you think is the significance of The Merit List?   SM: Any exercise that tries to look at an overview of contemporary architectural practice in India and finds ways and means of articulating our parameters of excellence and what are our parameters of concerns, is a valid exercise in itself. I […]