The Missing Typologies Where is our contribution? Why is it limited? Why must it not be so? Abstract “How do you work with the city where architecture does not transcend being primarily viewed as a built environment?” – Mahesh Radhakrishnan  The pluralistic expression that India belongs to does not secure an abiding place in the projects that architects can traditionally deal with in practice. The praxis […]

Patterns of Patronage

buy viagra canada pharmacy “Who is the client?” Abstract With respect to the classic relationship shared by an artist and his patron, the profession of architecture inherently responds to the societal forces of opportunity, market patterns, and the influence of the culture. Architecture has unfailingly bemoaned the loss of the right kind of patronage. How deep does the issue of patronage root itself in the matrix of […]

Isolated Discourse Where is the culture of exchange? Abstract Architecture must chart an open culture of exchange with other disciplines of design and accommodate more integrated levels of dialogue in the creative process within the physical reality of the built environment as its backdrop. The craft of making buildings is not limited to architects. It exists inspite of and in absence of the […]

Semantics & Sensibilities

Is most architecture the outcome of a preconditioned sensibility?   Abstract Architecture must understand the objective and subjective notions of dealing with aesthetic judgments. There is certainly an ocular bias and good design must look beyond that. By nature or nurture, the creative eye is trained to affirm self-evident ways of seeing. It can be read as a cycle of events […]

The Readings of Context

Can we elevate Architecture beyond being a Point in Space and/or a Point in Time? Abstract “Most of the work we saw stops at the level of being an artefact. It tries to make the connection as an experience but it does fall short of adding to the larger environment and fails to generate a dialogue with the city or […]

Public Architecture?

Has the profession completely abdicated itself of its civic responsibility? Abstract The business of architecture has completely abdicated itself from its civic responsibility. The profession has almost no standing in the city and rarely, are we in the mood to come back to the table. Most of it happens in isolation. The projects inform the practice. What informs the projects? What […]


Where? Abstract The idea of beauty that lies in the ways of seeing and making. The idea of beauty succumbing to the intricacies of pronounced proportions and details. The idea of beauty belonging to the experienced and the inanimate. The idea of beauty that choreographs or provokes. The idea of beauty that can belong to culture as well to the dimensions of […]

Superhouse Syndrome

Has the large weekend home taken over our studios? Abstract The manipulation of Scale in architecture extends as a visual compass to our understanding of movement, places and people and their relationships. Scale embeds itself now in a growing trend that secedes from the humaneness of a habitat and a desire to experience intimate boundaries to an architecture that plays into the aesthetics of […]

The Challenge of the Programme

In projects which have few limitations and constraints, what does the architecture set out to achieve? Abstract What are the current challenges that the architecture of India faces within the constraints granted by the client and the immediate and broader context? Does our line of inquiry traverse beyond the known boundaries of a project? Spaces, which either-or at an individual level – can be enabled […]