About TML

The Merit List [TML] is an initiative by Matter. to recognise projects of critical relevance in terms of design and thought in the context of contemporary Indian architecture.


Contemporary architecture practices in India produce work of substantial quality. They venture beyond the concerns of form and space and engage with the potential of the rich landscape often curating projects that are complex and multidimensional that address issues that push the boundaries of programmatic frameworks. Recognising a need to seek and chronicle such projects, TML aims to instigate critical discourse on the architecture of India.

The Merit List aims to represent the eclectic, multi-layered, multi-faceted and diverse landscape of architectural practice in India. The TML process seeks to institute a line of inquiry that traverses typology to make place for exceptional ideas in irrespective of typology and scale.



About 1000 studios in India frame the critical content of work and thought. These studios contribute substantially the identity of modern India.

About 100 projects: products of work from these studios become essential case-studies in the concerns, issues, semantics and ethos of practice in India. These projects are rich in content and should have a significant impact on the discourse – professional and academic – in future.

About 10 projects from this set transcend the framework of the probable and surprise us with ideas that deserve chronicling. These 10 projects represent the promise of things to come: the work that is valuable and must be discussed in order to calibrate the trajectory of status-quo.



S, M, L, XL

Projects are products of situations and flourish within the parameters of these situations. To keep the evaluation of the project completely independent of typology, TML took a cue from Rem Koolhas and made scale as the only organiser of content for the Jury Process. This way, each piece of work is independently evaluated against the background of its programme and the challenges .

S : 10-150sqm
M: 151-1000sqm
L: 1001-10,000sqm
XL: 10,001sqm and above



  1. Matter. is not responsible in any inaccuracies in the content and facts submitted as a part of The Merit List. Whatever we receive as a part of the project submission, we consider it true. Matter. is not responsible to verify the facts.
  2. All the content received by Matter. will be published for the purposes of The Merit List. We will request separate permission for any other publication / purpose.
  3. Matter. reserves the right to use the images and content submitted in Print, Social and Digital Media with due credit and acknowledgement.